Sunday, February 5, 2012

Episode #19!

Join Mitch and Tony this week as we journey our way through music legend Tony Bennett (with one of the all time greatest jazz pianists, Bill Evans), Romantic atonalist Alban Berg, Post-Modernist madman Luciano Berio and love-sick Hector Berlioz!

We listened to:

Some Other Time and We'll Be Together Again from:

Act III, Scene IV - "Das Messer? Wo ist das messer?" and Act III, Scene V - "Ringel, Ringel, Rosenkranz, Ringelreih'n!" from:

Andante and Adagio from:

II. O King and III. In Ruhig flieBender Bewegung from:

IV. March to the Scaffold and V. Dream of a Witches Sabbath from:


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